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Live Longer Casserole

from the kitchen of Amanda, CSA member, adapted from Whole Foods for the Whole Family 3 small zucchini or other summer squash, sliced 1 c. sliced mushrooms 2 T. butter 3 large tomatoes, chopped 3 c. torn chard leaves 1/2 t. salt (or less) 8 oz. whole wheat pasta, cooked and drained 6 oz. SwissContinue reading “Live Longer Casserole”

Tomato Basil Ricotta Toast

from the kitchen of Amanda, CSA member — Slice Casey-Mae’s sourdough bread thinly, brush with olive oil, toast a bunch of slices on a baking sheet at 400°F for about 10 min. — Chop 1.5 lb. tomatoes, chiffonade 0.5 oz basil, mince 2 cloves garlic, and mix it all together with salt and pepper toContinue reading “Tomato Basil Ricotta Toast”

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

-from the kitchen of Mary, CSA member This is gleaned from a hidden blurb in the cookbook Eating From the Ground Up, which was previously featured in the farm newsletter. This recipe is great for anyone who loves tomatoes, as well as those who want to preserve tomatoes but don’t have the storage space neededContinue reading “Oven Roasted Tomatoes”